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0005313Battlefield 1ConnectivityNo2018-08-10 09:27
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Product VersionUpdate 31072018 - Summer Update 
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Summary0005313: Servers mostly empty and can't find any suitable server with quick match

I have battlefield 1 Ultimate edition, I can only connect to servers through server browsing,
I can only see 3-4 populated servers and the rest are empty.

Some backgrounds of the situation:

-I live in EU.
-I'm lvl 2 but I'm not sure if this is the issue.
-I can see 3-4 full servers in the custom search mostly German (I already reset the filter).

-I have all DLCs.

-I have win10.

-there was no error message saying lost connecting, it was always saying "we couldn't find suitable servers for you" something like that when connecting through quick match.

-internet speed is about 3 Mb/s .

-I have made a custom permission in firewall for all ports.

-this issue occurred when I merged two accounts (EA tech support said its not the issue).

-I tried all sort of troubleshooting link to the steps that I was recommended to do

-I reinstalled the game just because I was desperate.

-the end results of my UOTrace

my case number 42688345

Steps To Reproduce

I open the game , I click on quick match (all maps selected)= "not able to find suitable servers for you"
I open server browser

Actual Result

"not able to find suitable servers for you" in quick match.
only 3-4 official servers are populated and seeing 50+servers empty and non 4-6 non official

Expected Result

being able to connect to a server through quick match
being able to see lots of official populated servers



2018-08-10 09:27

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