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0005275Battlefield 1WeaponsNo2018-08-09 23:47
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Summary0005275: Exit and re-enter mortar falling of the map

In some instances when you exit a mortar and then come back it will let you fall off the map

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Deploy mortar as support
  2. Fire mortar
  3. Exit mortar (E)
  4. Supply friendly with ammo
  5. Re-enter mortar (E) in some instances you will fall off the map
Actual Result

Falling below the map

Expected Result

Not to fall off the map when you re-enter a mortar and having to redeploy resulting in a unnecessary death



2018-08-02 16:53


Could not reproduce except the situation where you leave the mortar when a vehicle is driving over you (and that bug is tracked). Please provide a video.


2018-08-09 23:47

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3 videos attached.