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0005269Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2018-08-14 11:44
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Product VersionUpdate 07052018 - Weapon Crate Update 
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Summary0005269: Menu/homescreen keeps reloading. Can't access ops screen or options

When I go to the 'operations' screen, it just goes back to the main menu after a few seconds, so I can never search for the operation I want. Server browser still works, but it's annoying nonetheless. The same problem occurs when I try to change my settings from the homescreen

Note that the main menu's background also goes black every 20-ish seconds and there's a loading spinner for half of the time too.

My friend had the same problem but it disappeared for him. This started to occur for me right after the last patch.

It's not an internet issue since it always happens after about the same amount of time and playing isn't affected. Relogging/logging out of origin etc didn't fix it.

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has duplicate 0005299 Closed Menu background reloading 



2018-08-02 15:20


Does it persist? I recall that issue going away a couple of weeks ago.


2018-08-06 07:15

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i also facing this problem and got anyway to solve it already?

*edited: Solved it. need to keep on playing the operation mode to complete to pass the bugs.