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0005244Battlefield 1 CTEGadgetsNo2018-07-27 17:50
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Summary0005244: K bullets in 3rd loadout slot make bolt action mode of M1903 Experimental unavailable

For bolt action mode of 1903 Experimental, the rifle holds five 30-06 Bolt rounds and has another 25 spares. However, if K bullets are placed in 3rd loadout slot (1st gadget slot), they will make the aforementioned bolt action mode unavailable - upon pressing the fire mode change key, K bullets will be loaded instead, and they will work as usual - 1 bullet in the rifle plus 4 spares, with K bullet damage model.

Video example below - every switch on the video has been done with key responsible for fire mode change (so, in my case, B).

Steps To Reproduce

1) Pick M1903 Experimental as primary weapon and K bullets as 1st gadget (3rd loadout slot)
2) Equip M1903 Experimental and press the key/button responsible for switching fire mode
3) Instead of switching to bolt action mode with its rounds, the gun will switch to K bullets.

Actual Result

Switching to bolt action mode with K bullets in 3 slot results in switch to gun switching to K bullets instead of bolt action mode

Expected Result

Switching fire mode of M1903 Experimental from semi-auto will result in the gun switching to bolt action fire mode with five 30-06 Bolt rounds in the gun and 25 spare ones.


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