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0005243Battlefield 1 CTEGadgetsNo2018-07-22 17:51
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Summary0005243: Grenade launcher in 3-slot with General Liu as primary replaces bolt action mode with 6-shot grenade launcher

First found by DanTheMinigun.

Grenade launcher currently interferes with the freshly introduced bolt action mode of General Liu rifle when placed in 3rd slot (1st gadget slot) of the loadout. When placed there, it replaces bolt action mode of the rifle with a grenade launcher capable of firing 6 grenades at the rate of fire of General Liu rifle. Grenades fired that way count against ammo count of the rifle, not of the grenade launcher.

An example of such behavior can be seen on this video:

Steps To Reproduce

1) Select General Liu rifle as your primary weapon and any grenade launcher as your first gadget (3rd loadout slot)
2) While holding the rifle, use the key responsible for changing rifle fire mode between semi-auto and bolt action.
3) Instead of switching to bolt action mode, you will switch to the mode where your grenade launcher has 6 grenades that can be fired after each other at the rate of fire typical for semi-auto General Liu. Those grenades will count against General Liu ammo count, not grenade launcher ammo count.

Actual Result

Instead of bolt action mode, you get a grenade launcher capable of firing 6 grenades in rapid succession, while using rifle ammo pool to replenish them.

Expected Result

Switching fire mode will switch you to the bolt action mode regardless of your gadgets.


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