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0005189Battlefield 1PerformanceNo2018-03-12 21:09
Status NewResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 26022018 - Apocalypse Hotfix 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0005189: FPS drops on 1050ti

I used to play at 60 FPS @ medium to low settings before 03/10/2018.
Now it doesn't matter if i set low, med or high, i cant get past 15 FPS
i dont know if it changes something, but my monitor is a 25' ultrawide
running at 2560x1080

I hope it is just that probably need an windows re-install,
but all other games that i play are running just fine.

tried to re-install the in time nvidia driver twice. 391.01 from 26-02-2018

i hope it is a driver issue.
but all other games that i play are running just fine.

i5 6600k
1050ti 4gb
8gb ram
z270 mobo

Steps To Reproduce

really dont know to replicate the problem,
as said before, i hope it is only a driver issue.

Actual Result

didn't work

Expected Result

FPS to go back to it's playable level


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