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0005185Battlefield 1ConnectivityNo2018-03-11 14:41
Status NewResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 26022018 - Apocalypse Hotfix 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0005185: Ping spikes, packet loss

During gameplay, ping spikes randomly and causes major lag up to the point that you teleport back and forth. Game is unplayable currently.

I was always able to play the game with a constant ping and no dips. now i cant even play anymore because of the random spikes and packet loss

I've never had any trouble playing over WiFi and now this started happening, I'm a level 99 player and this is the first time this ever happened to me.

Steps To Reproduce

On my end: Join a game, play for 10 to 20 seconds - packet loss, ping spikes up to 150-2000

Actual Result

Can't move or shoot, hits don't register

Expected Result



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