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0005184Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2018-04-25 14:48
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUpdate 26022018 - Apocalypse Hotfix 
Fixed in VersionUpdate 27032018 - Easter Update 
Summary0005184: Rifle grenade kills not registering with Howell Rifle

Rifle grenade (Frag) kills are not registering when obtained with the Howell Automatic Rifle.

Steps To Reproduce

Equip rifle grenades (Frag) use rifle grenades to kill someone while Howell rifle is equipped

Actual Result

No kill registered with rifle grenades thus no assignment progress

Expected Result

Kill registers adding to assignment progress


has duplicate 0005177 ClosedEA_RedSpoder Rifle grenade kills not registering with Howell Rifle 


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