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0005180Battlefield 1WeaponsNo2018-03-21 13:30
Status Need More InfoResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 26022018 - Apocalypse Hotfix 
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Summary0005180: Shotgun hits register with huge delay (10-200 seconds)

After shot (even at point blank range) only 20 dmg is registered upon hit as if only some pellets are registered, however after a significant delay of random approx. 10 - 200 seconds other pellet hits are awarded to player, even after death and respawn resulting in weird kills and damage rewards.


It makes your shotgun deal only 20 damage from time to time on stationary and moving targets, even at point blank distance. However it will give your enemy all that damage in the approx next 10-200 seconds . So if you were killed you will get it after a respawn - out of nowhere in the middle of the round without firing a shot you will get a kill or "enemy damaged".

This makes it sketchy because you kill enemies across the map or inside vehicles, which should be not possible.

Steps To Reproduce

I don't know what triggers it so here is what I was using during match.
Server - HC, Map - Tahure, Gametype - conquest 64


1st loadout slot for assault class
M97 shotgun, hunter variant, default skin with bayonet attached, 1x magnification, shotgun reticle
secondary - p08 luger pistol with Saint Mihiel skin

anti tank grenades as first gadget
at rocket as second
fire grenade for grenade

standard baton as melee

1st specialty - 10% protection from explosion
2nd specialty - silent steps
3rd specialty - 20% faster healing when not in combat.

Actual Result
Expected Result



2018-03-21 13:30


Have any performance issue icons been displayed on the side during those problems? Is this bug still persisting?