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0005178Battlefield 1ConnectivityNo2018-03-21 13:28
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Product VersionUpdate 26022018 - Apocalypse Hotfix 
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Summary0005178: Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 server browser incorrectly says all servers have the same ping

Beginning in early December all the servers in BF1 and BF4 (because they share the same startup, multi-player browser) show the same ping. For me everything is 2 pings. The lowest grouping is usually around 40 ping the higher pings are all the same usually around 105. Of the known servers the real pings range up to 80-ish but are nothing close to either number being displayed in the browser. The higher pings...who knows what the real ping is.

I have update drivers, reinstalled BF1 and BF4, reinstalled Origin. Wiped my whole PC and started change, same problem. These two games costs a lot of money and they have made virtually unplayable. There is no way to find a game with a decent ping.

Steps To Reproduce

Open Origin and click either BF1 or BF4 and go to the multiplayer browser. See this 15 page thread mentions all the things people have tried. (Note - some refer to the issue as "high ping" because known favorites with known low pings are now displaying higher pings.)

Actual Result

Same every time - pings all match and are all wrong.

Expected Result

Expected to see the real ping times where every servers is different. The way it was December 1, 2017.


duplicate of 0003924 Pending Review Connectivity issues Servers (low ping - high ingame latency) 



2018-03-08 05:31


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2018-03-21 13:28


Duplicate of 0003924