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0005172Battlefield 1PerformanceNo2018-03-10 23:10
ReporterGeneral Disarray 
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Product VersionUpdate 26022018 - Apocalypse Hotfix 
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Summary0005172: (Sometimes) Very high CPU usage

Sometimes - I couldn't see a pattern so far - the CPU usage spikes to an average of around >95%, which means it often hits 100% and therefore produces serious performance issues/FPS drops. It makes the game pretty much unplayable in that state, thats why I consider it a major issue. Closing the game and restarting sometimes resolves the issue but not always.

And yes, I turned everything else off and monitored CPU and GPU to exclude the possibility that some other program causes the problem. Screenshot attached.

Usually, my CPU is around 75-80% while playing and doesn't hit 100% and therefore runs comparatively smooth, even on full 64 players maps. (I almost exclusively play on 64 players conquest maps, problem occurs regardless of player count)

Also, It seems that it happens an all maps.

Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti

I play on medium settings, GPU is usually far below limit.

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Happens sometimes.

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General Disarray

2018-03-06 02:06

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bf1 screenshot.jpg (82,578 bytes)
bf1 screenshot.jpg (82,578 bytes)

General Disarray

2018-03-10 23:06

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Hello again,

here are some new informations, today I discovered something interesting:

I was playing Lupkow Pass (Conquest, 64 players) and the high CPU usage occured. Causing serious stuttering and FPS drops.

I played a while and it stayed that way. I then left the server and rejoined THE SAME SERVER, and this time, CPU usage was far more "normal". I didn't restart the game, just left server and rejoined.

See the attached screenshots. Screenshot one shows that the CPU is very much at its limit. Screenshot two shows a far more relaxed CPU.

Again: Same Server, same map, same time, server was full both times. I played a while and these CPU usages are representative for about 15-30 minutes of gameplay each.