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0005143Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2018-05-09 10:49
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUpdate 20022018 - Apocalypse Update 
Fixed in VersionUpdate 07052018 - Weapon Crate Update 
Summary0005143: London Calling has loading screen mode description that only applies for Razor's Edge

Loading screen description of Air Assault for both London Calling modes says "Classic dogfighting in the Alps, a proving ground for ace pilots. Single-seater fighters only", which clearly only works as a description for Razor's Edge and completely fails to describe London Calling.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Join any server where London Calling match is ongoing (both Scourge and Raiders will work).
2) Look at the description in loading screen. Description fitting Razor's Edge will always be displayed regardless of map.

Actual Result

Description for Razor's Edge is displayed in loading screen regardless of actual map

Expected Result

Each mode of London Calling (Raiders and Scourge) gets its own description in loading screen.



2018-02-27 13:53


Battlefield 1 Screenshot 2018.02.26 - (1,720,118 bytes)