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0005134Battlefield 1PerformanceNo2018-06-22 23:44
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Product VersionUpdate 20022018 - Apocalypse Update 
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Summary0005134: RSP Server's crashing sometimes twice a day

Since Apocalypse update, servers crash 1-3 times a day dumping everyone from the server. Really noticed it after the new patch.

From point of view of players, at the end of the round they can vote for a map and then the screen goes black and informs about losing connection to EA.

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Kicked from the Game

Expected Result

Not kicked at all ;)



2018-02-26 07:46

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Update: from what i have been told it's at the end of the round vote for a map then the screen goes black lost connection to EA.


2018-02-26 07:49

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I second this, My server also crashed twice yesterday, kicking everyone from the session. Please fix.


2018-03-13 08:27

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After Further inspection, it appears that it has something to do with a map rotation bug, Took all the maps out put them back in and it's been fine. It would just crash after the map vote screen. Hope that helps.

Update 13/3/18 At the end of the round sometimes once a day other times none but it's always at the end of the round after the map vote. Happened today about 30 minutes ago.


2018-03-24 09:17

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No it has nothing to do with votemap, my 247 pc fort de Vaux server in Europe just crashed today and twice yesterday and 5 days ago also , and 4 days ago my amiens server. And all in between rounds and all my servers have votemap but that doesn't show up on a server with only 1 map so my players never get to vote. this is my reddit topic on it.

So right now my fort server has gotten it 3 times in 2 days but normally I have 10 servers in my favorites that are full - of which 3 are mine - and every other day 1 of the 10 crashes , so a 5% chance that a server crashes. That does not sound like much but I remember the first year where you did not have crash for months sometimes. Those where the days ... the days that there also wasn't a 1 inqueu bug that has a 35% chance of hitting your server during a day. But for that kast 1 we have this


2018-03-25 15:17

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Happened a few days ago on a server with only 1 map. Server crashed and disconnected all players, then you cant rejoin on that server immediatly you need to wait at least 3min.


2018-03-28 10:04

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28march18 so 1 day after the patch and my fort de vaux server just crashed again in between rounds , massive disconnects so I don't know if you can call it a crash, all 64 just get a disconnect

My question to other is , in which country is the server it occurs on placed? I think so far it is only on german servers? So is it a country issue or bf1 software issue. The last 1 makes more sense because if it was a country issue it would also occur mid-round.


2018-03-29 22:00

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Still happening. Happened again yesterday. Thankful it doesn't happen to often. MY servers are Australian .


2018-03-31 10:26

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@Nateoxide , mmm ok ok so also in Australia. Because I have 1 dutch server and there it never happened I think. But my 2nd (amiens) and 3rd (fort) are in Germany and have had it serveral times. And semperfi has 4 servers and only 1 in Germany and that 1 crashed yesterday in the early afternoon , the zeebrugge server.

But now I know it has to do with the game not the country.

edit : now 2ap18 and I helped kickstart zeebrugge server and it made it to 20 and 4 minuets later with 28 players , we all got disconnected. Still believe the option that german (frankfurt) pc servers are with problems, might be alive.

edit 2 : now Tuesday 3ap18 , my amiens server got to 20 and it restarted for the real round and then started to countdown the 60 seconds but before it reached 0 we all got disconnected

  • after that i refilled that server 2 amiens and then i was done with my 3 servers and helped 1 server from semperfi after that, and when i was done with that 1 after 30minuets i found out that 2 of my 3 servers where empty they crashed: my server 3 fort de vaux which is in germany was with 4 players so it crashed and also my server 1 quentin scar which is in the Netherlands was with 1player ... this last 1 has as far as i know never crashed before since this 20feb18 disconnect bug is there, and finally a conformation that it also happens on dutch servers, although i do not know of it crashed mid round pr in between rounds, same goes for fort de vaux.


2018-04-04 06:28

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UPDATE! 4/4/17 After New Server Patch no ones server in Australia will hold people longer than 5 minutes. Think that server patch has done a number on the servers.


2018-04-04 06:36

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SERVER BROWSER.jpg (480,940 bytes)


2018-04-06 12:12

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3ap18 server patch did not fix this bug of this topic , my amiens server crashed 15minuest ago (Friday 6ap18 14.00 CET) IN BETWEEN 2 ROUNDS , all 64 got lost.
Server browser said 1 after the crash luckily more then 20 pressed join after that .

edit : 3 days later so 9ap18 and my 3 servers had 3 crashes on 2 of them , my server 3 fort this morning and at 21.50 CET that same server again and that last 1 killed the server. And my server 2 amiens had it in the early afternoon. All between rounds.

edit: 14ap18 I just came here to see of there where fresh replys, because my amiens just crashed in between 2 rounds AGAIN and was hoping to see more server owners here with the same problems, or hoping to see players with replys here because I doubt this problem is RSP only. In the end - spread over 8 hours - my amiens disconnected all players between rounds 3 times last 1 just now at 1.30am CET sunday15ap18 an this 1 killed it. I have 3 servers and also server 2 which runs fort crashed this afternoon. This ewas a ncie follow up to Friday the 13th where all my 3 servers got the other nasty server bug : 1 in queue bug.


2018-05-02 17:57

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SOLVED i dare to say. It is now Wednesday 2may18 , so day 8 after the 24april patch and I haven't had these crashes anymore in those 8 days so this is now solved after 2 months (20feb18 patch brought the problems , and 24ap18 patch solved it). This part of the patch notes solved it I guess : "Reduced occurrence of disconnects when trying to join a server."

NO NOT SOLVED : just ahd it on my 247 quentin server this Friday 4may18 - that is a server in the Netherlands on pc. And yesterday semperfi server 2 which was running fort - is now running around 9 maps - crashed after roudns 3 rounds in a row.

pff 2 hours after that - so stil, Friday 4may18 - semperfi server 1 ballroom blitz which is in the Netherlands also and on pc crashed also BUT it was 4 5 minutes into the round a player says but another gguy says he was kciekd between roudns, that makes sense because the reports on quentin was also that there where 30 players insiode when it occurred. So I think after the round around half gets lost and then 4 5 minuets intot he round the server just crashes completetly. DDOS and so a separate issue? Both on pc and in the Netherlands.


2018-05-13 00:43

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Not SOLVED! End of round crashes are still around yesterday my server crashed about 5 times in a day all at the end of a FULL round played out. Map vote comes up vote the map then goes black screen disconnected.


2018-05-14 07:55

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This is not solved at all!
Our european (PC) server is crashing at morning -2-3 times a day, kicking all players out -and it's also switching IP and location from Netherlands to Ireland during daytime.
When server is in Ireland, people experience more packetloss and high ping.
Sometimes server is switching location between the rounds without people getting kicked.

Ths started to happen after latest patch and seems like at least in europe, it's more related to dutch servers --. and why they are moving to Ireland anyway, Germany would be naturally better?
Anyway going to server starting 3 times a day is not acceptable.


2018-05-14 10:41

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in the last week my server began to crash after the first game of the day (only after the first game, in the rest of the day no).
Today is the third time that I fill it and before moving on to the next map throws out all the players.

Maybe it's really something related to the votemap or the map list


2018-05-17 18:42

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This happened after Fao Fortress in operations the other day. Not sure if it was the first game of the day on the server.

This also happened on Ballroom Blitz on a mixed map server. That one definitely was the first game of the day on that server.


2018-05-18 12:53

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today I can not start my server. it is the 4 time in a few hours that I fill it. let's play the first game and then crash

edit: we arrived to 5 times today


2018-05-20 12:43

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There are 2 versions, 1 is on dutch irish servers and ONLY happens after the first round of the day this 1 is never on german servers and is offtopic in this bug tracker 1 of the 2 just is because they are not the same.

The 2nd version is on german servers only it is never on dutch and irish servers and this german server version happens totally randomly it can be after any round of the day. Here a dev that wants netgraphs of the first bug but I think he wanst the german version also, that 1 is rarer and totally random I haven't got a netgraph of it yet. I think it isn't the netgraph that he cares about but the INSTANCE below it. Anyways see here > for that dev there I have given around 12 netgraphs / INSTANCES but not any of the german version only the dutch / irish version.

The german version is there since the 20feb18 patch so months now without a solution, I even wonder if someone looked at it. And the dutch irish version is since around 1 1,5weeks so maybe since the 7may18 patch.

EDIT : options > gameplay > network performance graph > show always


2018-05-20 17:45

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Server is crashing at end of the round "EU Server" with 1 map rotation.


2018-05-28 10:45

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Finally I have an instance of the german version of the crash - my amiens - crashed Monday 28may18 at 12.12 CET and that is many hours after it was filled the instance is : L9nw+HFG , for the dutch / irish version of this bug see here around 25 instances

mm 20minuets later also my german fort crashed so also the german version , crash at 12.34 CET I think the instance is styill form yesterday because this mroming I did not have to fill it it had players all night > C0GVqHFE , I have a screenshot of it and am geusing if the second is a capitol O or a zero here on the left I made it a zero


2018-05-29 06:40

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Yep my servers crashed twice today in less than an hour. It's funny because i reported this on the 2018-02-26 05:24 an it's the 19/5/18 4:10PM now and not one EA/DICE person has posted here with an update or anything.


2018-06-01 12:26

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any news? today my server crash again many time. I try to start it for 2 hours. it fills up, we play the first map and at the end crash (after votemap)

can we know what's going on?


2018-06-02 00:35

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Yawn, is there a point of this website?


2018-06-02 11:03


Since this is a complex issue/situation, regular detailed updates are being posted on the forums here:

Please check the above link for updates. Thanks.


2018-06-15 12:22

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no news on official forum, no news here. no news nowhere. but server crash every day, since several months.

for your information: server no crash if i change map manually before the end of votemap. someone turns it to technical support. thank you


2018-06-18 08:46

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Servers are still crashing. Our server (in Netherlands) just crashed. Saturday we had 9 disconnects and Friday 6.
Yes we can postpone crash by force move next map before mapvote ends.
But it will only postpone it, but with the good luck it can prevent it totally. Problem is that this way makes players annoyed and admin has to be always there when round is ending and mapvote is coming.
Contacted EA support about this but they said they can't help on this. I wanted to change our server location to Germany from Netherlands but that was declined.


2018-06-20 14:17

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Wednesday 20jun18 : I always said the 64 player disconnect between 2 rounds happens on german servers randomly (since 20feb18 patch). And on dutch servers ONLY after the 1st round of the day (since around 4 5 weeks). But today my dutch server (server 1 quentin) has had random crashes after 2 horus of stability and no 1st round crash - all after a round so this bug of this topic - 4 times today.

And server 2 Zeebrugge and server 4 Volga river which are in germany both have had the crash 3 times, of which on zeebrugge 1 of the 3 was the 1st round of the day crash which never occurs on a german server - but on german servers a random crash can also by accident and "luck" be the 1st round of the day.

I started filling 4 servers at 8am and was done at 9.55 - so 2 hours , but then came all the crashes and at 14.00 the cycle of crashes on servers finally stopped. But now 16.15 so 2hours15minuets later again 2 crashes. This os the worst day everrrr on my servers.

pfff and while I write this and got quentin scar server back on the road and was finnaly done filling I see Volga again crashed, I can't keep up with the amount of crashes occurring, I can only fill 1 server at a time. One gets refilled and by the time you are done another 1 crashed. And this freaking topic is made 26feb18. EA gets away with murder what an incredibly bad company who rather gives money to stock holders then money for fixing a huge bug like this. 26feb18 > 20jun18 4 months of crashes, and the bug comes more frequently now.


2018-06-20 19:12

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Hopped between 2 different EU servers today both crashed multiple times at the end of the round.
Its not always the first round. Sometimes its the second or third round where everybody gets kicked out.


2018-06-20 20:05

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  ~0006775 Streaming because hey that's fun to do and what do you know server disconnected at the end of the round. No update on compensation from the 4th of April my servers have only been working 65% of the time from April 4th. April 4th is a different issue but it's been on going problems since then. Bradddock512 just keeps on saying things like ' we have something very important to share very very soon tho it's been a troublesome 3 months and we still can't get a solid answer on what's going on and what sort of downtime extension we will receive !


2018-06-21 11:13

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Mmm I found something out about these crashes I think, I got it trough the other server bug: I had the 1 in queue bug on 1 of my 3 servers so then I normally put a password on the server and kick all players and then remove password and refill. I kick them always after a round is over. SO I tried to put a password on the server which always takes immediate effect and in fact worked an hours befote it on another server - on a sidenote yeah I had the 1 in queue bug within 2hours of each other on 2 of my 3 servers - but it just would not accept it, even after trying 10 times and updating 10 times. So the end of the round came and I thought freaking hell how do I empty the server now, well it crashed in between 2 rounds losing all 30 reaming players and losing the 1 in queue bug. So I think the problem isn't the switch to another round but already before it the server is in trouble it didn't receive or accept the password so it isnt functioning 100% anymore at that time already and already a sign then that it will crash after the round????. There is also so much lag chat on pc in the chat by players since a few months also a sign the server is in trouble.

p.s. the 1 in queue bug is 8motnhs old and have done this password trick around 40 times and never was password refused.

edit : never mind I hear from another owner of a server that his vip didn't work today on his server and he could not move players. So maybe "server admin" was down and maybe also "update server" at "your servers" was down, hahah I forgot to ask if his server crashed that round.


2018-06-22 23:43

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We cant use our server since 4 days because it keeps dropping all players at the end of the round!!!
Sometimes you are lucky and you can play 4 rounds without crashing.