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0005134Battlefield 1PerformanceNo2018-03-15 17:02
Status QA InvestigatingResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 20022018 - Apocalypse Update 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0005134: RSP Server's crashing sometimes twice a day

Since Apocalypse update, servers crash 1-3 times a day dumping everyone from the server. Really noticed it after the new patch.

From point of view of players, at the end of the round they can vote for a map and then the screen goes black and informs about losing connection to EA.

Steps To Reproduce


Actual Result

Kicked from the Game

Expected Result

Not kicked at all ;)



2018-02-26 07:46

Registered User

Update: from what i have been told it's at the end of the round vote for a map then the screen goes black lost connection to EA.


2018-02-26 07:49

Registered User

I second this, My server also crashed twice yesterday, kicking everyone from the session. Please fix.


2018-03-13 08:27

Registered User

After Further inspection, it appears that it has something to do with a map rotation bug, Took all the maps out put them back in and it's been fine. It would just crash after the map vote screen. Hope that helps.

Update 13/3/18 At the end of the round sometimes once a day other times none but it's always at the end of the round after the map vote. Happened today about 30 minutes ago.