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0005058Battlefield 1Art/AnimationNo2018-05-18 19:47
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUpdate 30012018 - North Sea Update 
Fixed in VersionUpdate 07052018 - Weapon Crate Update 
Summary0005058: Mosin Nagant Legendary skin looks like it has texture issues and is also extremely low quality on ultra settings.

The Bochkareva skin for the Mosin looks normal in the weapon customization screen, but once you get in game the bolt turns gold and the texture's bump-map seems to invert itself, along with extremely pixelated quality to the skin.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip the skin.
  2. View the skin in the customization menu to see if it looks normal.
  3. Spawn in and inspect the bolt.
Actual Result

Bolt turns gold, and the textures seem to screw up in resolution.

Expected Result

Identical to the actual.



2018-02-11 23:57


Screenshot (97).png (4,731,957 bytes)
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2018-02-15 21:10

Registered User

Forgot to log in when I posted this. I've noticed a lot of the skins are awesome quality upon first equip and spawning with them, but shortly after the first spawning with whatever equipped, the skin will very visibly degrade in quality.