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0004923Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2018-01-15 16:07
SeverityMajorReproducibilityUnable To Reproduce 
Status ClosedResolutionNot A Bug 
Product VersionUpdate 11122017 - Gallipoli Update 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0004923: Stats reset

My in-menu stats were reset. Only by entering a match am I able to see my actual stats. i was just playing a match Operations and after it was finished my Statistics in the menu were all reset as if I'd never played the game. So sadly, no there is no way to reproduce this or test it. Even the BF1 companion tells me the same thing. I have done nothing to the Origin Cloud either. Seems pretty random to me.

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2018-01-14 20:02

Registered User

The game statistics engine had some problems. This got fixed yesterday so this can be closed.

You can usually find 10 to infinity threads about it in the battlefield forums/reddit when it happens.