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0004920Battlefield 1 CTEVehiclesNo2018-02-08 18:24
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Summary0004920: Shots from SK45 coastal cannon go to the side if cannon was previously disabled

It would appear that sometimes SK45 coastal cannon model is slightly pushed to the side when disabled. Thus, after it's repaired, it's in a slightly different spot than usual (not by much though). The side effect of that is the fact that shots from the cannon are not lined up with SK45's sights in horizontal axis post-repair.

Example of misaligned shot:

Steps To Reproduce

1) Disable SK45 coastal cannon on Zeebrugge (preferably with destroyer's guns)
2) Repair the gun
3) Try firing. Instead of starting point of shot being in the middle of your sights, it will be moved to the side, sometimes even by a few meters.

Might require re-trying, as while disabling the gun moves it relatively often (in about half of cases observed so far), it doesn't happen 100% of the time.

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