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0004822Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2018-04-25 15:14
Status ClosedResolutionKnown Shippable 
Product VersionUpdate 08112017 - Operation Campaigns Update 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0004822: Holiday Battlepack Mission #1 only counts objective-related action points towards completion

Current community mission, Holiday Battlepack Mission #1, is supposed to require 50000 points scored in Operations in order to be completed. However, as it turns out, only points received for performing objective-related actions count towards its progression. It means that only following actions are counted:

1) Getting Capturing bonus (25 points per tick)
2) Getting Sector defense bonus (50 points per sector defense kill)
3) Neutralizing the flag (250 points each)
4) Capturing the flag (500 points each)

Unlike in case of Operations Campaigns, end of round score multiplier does not affect the progression either.

Presence of an issue first reported by LopataTURBO:, details of problem have been determined by myself based on analysis of my recordings and information from subreddit users.

Steps To Reproduce

To confirm the exact nature of the bug

1) Write down your progression for Holiday Battlepack Mission #1
2) Join any Operations server and record your match
3) After finishing the match, check how many points you gained towards the community mission and write the number down (it will be lower than your score from that match)
4) Watch the recording of your match and add up all the score from actions listed in Description - it will match your community mission progression from that match.

Actual Result
Expected Result



2017-12-07 04:39

Registered User

I play 2 full round of Operations from the start. I should get around 19000-20000 points but When I check the Tracker, It's only around 6000 points increase.

and We have a time around 7 hours left before the mission end. DICE should do somethings or clarify it quickly.


2017-12-07 07:25

Registered User

I have done that community mission yesterday, but it was completely bugged. The description of mission wasn't linked to reality. Next time DICE should make more precise description of what type of points will be counted to get mission complited.
Also I have one proposition to do community missions slightly better and easily for players. All you need to do is make mission progress visible in options menu without exit from game mode exact same way as we see medal progress.


2017-12-13 18:26

Registered User

Same issue with Holiday battlepack mission #2, points not counting up correctly.