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0004821Battlefield 1VehiclesNo2018-01-30 11:03
Status Pending ReviewResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 08112017 - Operation Campaigns Update 
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Summary0004821: Garford-Putilov can only break obstacles while driving backwards, at a slight angle

All vehicles (even motorbikes) can break through obstacles in the game to some degree but the Garford-Putilov Assault Truck is only able to smash obstacles when driving backwards, at a slight angle. Ramming a wall, gate or sandbags or even wooden structures while going forwards or straight on backwards results in a jarring stop but going backwards at slow speed and hitting at an angle will take out obstacles without problem.

Even if the truck is not meant to be able to break through obstacles (which would seems strange since every other vehicles can do this) being able to break walls backwards but not forwards feels like a bug.

Steps To Reproduce

Drive into a wall going forward => no breach

Drive into a wall going backward while angled => wall breached

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