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0004750Battlefield 1ConnectivityNo2017-11-10 23:29
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Product VersionUpdate 08112017 - Operation Campaigns Update 
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Summary0004750: RSP - Server queue becomes incorrect and then no longer seeds

This issue has been occurring for our community (AOD) for nearly 6-8 months. Here is what happens:

We get the server(s) up and running, but at some point the queue system gets all out of wack. On the UI it always shows the server as something like:


So the queue will show a full server, with an additional queue of players waiting. However, if you actually join the server there may only be 20-30 people in it. At this point the server is nearly impossible to keep up because it seems that it will no longer seed from quick-match. At this point we only get members and regulars joining. We are almost positive that when this issue occurs, quick-match doesnt work for people, and thus they dont find our server, and it starts to die.

It's really a server killer. It doesnt happen often, maybe once a month, maybe twice. But with 4 RSP servers, it happens enough to us that it negatively affects us.

Last occurrence was on AOD East, last night (11.8.2017) between the hours of 9pm and 11pm EST. It may have continued past this, but I stopped looking.

AOD Sgt OddJob001
aka tek0011 (r/battlfield_one mod)

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Cant really. Its seemingly random.

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duplicate of 0004678 QA Investigating Server Browser shows 64/64[1] even if there are only 20 players 



2017-11-09 21:07


can you provide a video of the issue?


2017-11-09 23:10

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  ~0005622 same bug


2017-11-10 23:29


duplicate of 4678