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0004649Battlefield 1 CTEProgression/UnlocksNo2017-12-06 22:47
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Summary0004649: Players with level over 67 are reverted to level 67 and can't progress past it

The situation is as follows:

After Turning Tides update in CTE, all players who were over level 67 are displayed as level 67's during matches and in end of round screen. However, outside matches, UI shows the accurate level and progression.

If a player reverted to lvl 67 manages to rank up to level 68, progress bar will go far to the right (see screenshot) and player will be moved back to start of level 67 in the following round.

On top of that, XP obtained in matches does not count towards working progression (that you see in the menu).

Steps To Reproduce

1) If you were above level 67, join a game and play. If not, get to level 67 first
2) If your level was over 67, your progression will be reversed back to start of level 67 (according to end of round screen)
3) Play until you have enough XP to get to level 68 and check end-of-round screen (progress bar, to be precise). Progeress bar will go too far to the right.
4) Play another round. You will see that after end of last round you were pushed back to start of level 67 again
5) Leave the server - UI outside matches will still show your real level, but it will turn out that stages 1-4 didn't give you any XP.

Actual Result
Expected Result



2017-10-17 21:49


Battlefield 1 Screenshot 2017.10.13 - (429,245 bytes)


2017-11-07 21:34


During playtest on November 7th, issue was absent for first few minutes of the round and then re-emerged midway through the match.


2017-12-06 22:47


Appears fixed in update with first CTE version of Zeebrugge.