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IDProjectCategoryExploit/GlitchLast Update
0004592Battlefield 1Companion AppNo2017-10-16 20:58
SeverityMinorReproducibilityHave Not Tried 
Status ReviewedResolutionOpen 
PlatformPC -OSWindows 
Product VersionUpdate 12102017 - October Update 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0004592: joining friends now absolutely impossible
DescriptionBefore the patch, my friends would show in the sidebar in the main menu but without any option to join them or invite them for a party. So i always alt-tabbed, opened origin and joined/invited them via the origin client.

Something as basic as joining someone via the main menu not working since launch is one thing, but then breaking the only other way to get around it?

Just stop it with the monthly patches already, how is it still not clear that it's not giving the intended results?

With every monthly patch it's clear that it wasn't tested enough, or perhaps not even tested at all. I'd rather have to wait for a big patch that releases with every dlc and which fixes more big issues than it causes. than have it the other way around. Quality over quantity.


has duplicate 0004635 Closed Failed to join game. Server cannot be found. 



2017-10-12 23:44


Yes joining friends in the sidebar ingame is not possible anymore