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0004581Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2017-10-17 09:32
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Product VersionUpdate 05092017 - In the Name of the Tsar Update 
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Summary0004581: Different map is loaded than the one voted for by players

As title says - there are cases where a map that comes up after the game is different than the map that players voted for when round ended. So far I have heard of two things that have been reported to cause it:

1) Performing platoon-related actions (accepting members, removing them ect.) while you're also a server owner - described in 0003718. Apparently fixed
2) Changing server settings - it doesn't seem to happen 100% of time, but actions like adding map to rotation sometimes resulted in first map from server rotation being loaded.

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has duplicate 0004642 ClosedEA_RedSpoder Loading Screen didn't match with actual map on the server 



2017-10-11 21:45

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3) server changing IP / location causes this lately.
Nr. 1 and 2 rarely happens anymore.


2017-10-14 21:13

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Happened twice in a row just now on Mixed Official server #606897, map vote was for Albion but Argonne came instead. After that the map vote was for Amiens but it loaded Fort Vaux. Side not but the Argonne round started 30vs10, maybe even bigger disparity. So it's not just RSP servers/admins actions causing this.