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0004578Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2017-10-11 13:32
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Product VersionUpdate 21092017 - Connectivity Update 
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Summary0004578: DLC Ranks Only Need 500,000 XP To Unlock Compared To Previous Ranks Requiring WAY More XP

Since the introduction of the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC and the "In The Name Of The TSAR" DLC the ranks between 100-110 and 110-120 only require 500,000 xp to get to. This makes no sense since getting from rank 90-100 changed each time and to rank up from rank 99-100 required 2,620,000. That is a HUGE difference in rank xp! This makes no sense and was only done in the DLC maps, even Battlefield 4 had the XP amount going up with each new DLC rank.

This makes ranking up EXTREMELY quick and easy, and you get to the max rank to quickly. I for one hate it since I am already max rank and have no way in reseting my rank. The grind from 90-100 was so hard which made it great, and the grind from 100-120 was just insanely low and quick especially with all these double xp events going on.

BF3 and BF4 both had the XP increase with each new DLC rank with makes me assume these were possibly placeholder XP stats that made it into the full game since the XP amount for each new rank is around the 88-89 rank levels which makes no sense why ranking up higher ranks would be easier then lower ranks.


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Own the DLC's and rank from 100-120, you will see it is EXTREMELY fast compared to ranking up from say level 90-100.

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2017-10-11 13:32


It is not a bug, but an intentional move. The reason behind it is pretty simple - in BF3 and BF4 increase of XP needed to reach next rank was more or less linear and went up slowly, so there still was some room for going up. In BF1, gaps between needed XP for each level spike massively on high levels. Just as comparison: getting from level 99 to 100 takes 2,620,000 XP in BF1 and only 140,000 XP in BF4. Even if level up requirements stayed flat at 2,620,000 XP per level, that would mean that going from level 100 to 110 would take quite a bit more time than from 0 to 100... and that's just for keeping level up requirements flat. Basically, it would be over the top compared to intention.

Main reason for why people breeze through DLC ranks is that their introduction always seems to go in pair with long double XP period (which means quad XP if people use XP boosts).