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0004500Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2017-11-06 01:22
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Product VersionUpdate 05092017 - In the Name of the Tsar Update 
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Summary0004500: Doesn't not save loadout.

The UI keeps reverting to a load out from a few days ago that I was only using to unlock a weapon.

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has duplicate 0004510 Closed Loadout Preset #1 constantly resetting to earlier state 
has duplicate 0004734 Pending Review Settings and load outs reset 



2017-09-21 22:01

Registered User

For me I am noticing that this is affecting my Handguns and Melee weapons only. My Primary gun is saving last I checked.


2017-09-22 02:16

Registered User

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Having the same issue but it's affecting everything in my class. Changing it on the Companion App lets me change it in game when I next load it but that's the only way to change the point of where it reverts to


2017-09-22 09:24

Registered User

Happening to me too, but it's specifically Loadout 1, not 2 or 3.


2017-09-24 19:00

Registered User

I'm experiencing the same problem on PC, loadout #1 keeps resetting to a previous setting for about 2 weeks for all classes. As long as I don't close BF1, the loadouts are correctly saved between matches or games and only reset upon closing/relaunching BF1.


2017-09-26 03:22

Registered User

I also have experienced this issue since the hot fix for the network lag was implemented a week or so ago. Unable to confirm if it is only impacting my #1 loadout, but can confirm it impacts ALL weapons/specialisations including my primary.


2017-10-08 08:19

Registered User

Still happening and is flowing over to my other preset classes now when I tried using class 2 and 3


2017-10-11 05:35

Registered User

This issue is also affecting me. As others users have noted, the first loadout preset for each class will reset to a previous iteration when the game is logged out. Only changing this loadout via the Companion app or website would work permanently. Recently, though, even this has not worked, and I cannot make any changes to any weapon or gadget without them resetting to the previous iteration, even on the second or third presets for each class. Specializations seem to be unaffected by this.
This issue is distinct from the "All loadouts reset to default" issue.
I can only speculate that this issue is related to the current & ongoing server issues.