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IDProjectCategoryExploit/GlitchLast Update
0004465Battlefield 1EngineNo2017-09-12 18:26
Status NewResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 05092017 - In the Name of the Tsar Update 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0004465: Infinite grenades on pistols only server
DescriptionJoined a server that was pistols only and found that grenades auto replenish themselves instantly. This appears to make the server quite laggy, causing kills to show up on screen minutes later(sometimes) also you can see a similiar thing in my video where it caused the opening of the battlepack to be pretty messed up!
Steps To Reproducerevisited to make this video now that I had the time and its the same straight away. Asked players if they had it and another player said it was the same for him too


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