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0004447Battlefield 1WeaponsNo2018-01-30 15:33
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Product VersionUpdate 05092017 - In the Name of the Tsar Update 
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Summary0004447: Light machine guns have the wrong visual barrel attachment on 'Centred' recoil.

On assault weapons with centred recoil, the barrel is left bare. However, with LMGs, the barrel has the Madsen flash hider on centred recoil, and nothing on left recoil. The Madsen flash hider being present on almost all LMGs with centred recoil ruins the aesthetics of a lot of them (especially with skins, where it does not match the colour of the barrel) and doesn't look authentic at all. Could this be changed so the flash hider is given to left recoil bias, which currently has no visible barrel attachment?

Steps To Reproduce

1) Select a light machine gun.

2) Select centred recoil

3) Look at the barrel

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2017-09-11 01:31

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I notice this on other weapons as well not just LMGs.

EDIT I am on PS4