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0004445Battlefield 1PerformanceNo2017-09-13 21:05
Status QA InvestigatingResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 05092017 - In the Name of the Tsar Update 
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Summary0004445: Tsaritsyn map has sever framerate issues on Conquest

Framerate on this map is horrible and impacts the gameplay (PS4 pro)

I don't know what greater detail do you need. Game runs horrible on ps4 pro

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2017-09-11 18:06

Registered User

I notice this mostly inside of "B" but do notice frame rate issues in general.

I am playing on a regular PS4.


2017-09-11 20:25

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I experience the same thing on PC, but my specs are below rec so take my experience with a grain of salt.
CPU: i5 3570k
GPU: GTX 690 (2gb)
Win 8.1


2017-09-13 21:05

Registered User

Me and my friend also experienced the terrible FPS, alongside really bad audio distortion that generally hurt our ears