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0004375Battlefield 1 CTEArt/AnimationNo2017-11-07 17:15
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Summary0004375: Mosin Nagant K-bullet delay

As the title states when loading a K-bullet into the Mosin Nagant there's a short delay before you can fire after the loading animation ends which will prevent you from aiming down sights or firing. - a video for reference.

Steps To Reproduce

Load a k-bullet into the Mosin nagant, you can tell since the ammo indicator won't update to feature the single K-bullet until a few seconds after the animation has ended.

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has duplicate 0004634 Closed Battlefield 1 Mosin nagant Marksman and k-bullets 
has duplicate 0004738 Closed Battlefield 1 Mosin marksman k bullet delay 



2017-08-28 15:02

Registered User

This occurs each time you load the K Bullet for the first time. So if you switched back and forth you could have up to 5 delays.

I only seem to get the delay on the Marksman variant.

Note: when switch back from K bullets to Normal bullets sometime I got a extended delay. This occurred with both. and 1) occurrence was when it was empty and need to reload. and the 2) sometime occurred when full and lost a bullet.


2017-08-28 19:13

Registered User

As DingoKillr points out, this delay when loading the K-bullet only appears on the Marksman variant.

The second point, though, a delay when switching FROM K-bullets, I could only get when switching to an empty clip, but then it appears every time.

This video demonstrates the fastest you can reload when going from K-bullets to an empty clip (affects both variants of the weapon):

When switching from K-bullets to a non-empty clip, I could, in fact, fire before the animation had finished. You can't aim down sight before the animation has finished, but you can hip fire. Notice how there isn't even a finger on the trigger when the shot is fired. Affects both variants of the weapon.

On a side note, there seems to be other animation problems as well, when switching from K-bullets to ordinary bullets.

This video shows switching from K-bullets to a clip with 3 bullets in it, and repeatedly pressing the reload button before that animation has completed. Notice how there is no animation of adding the actual bullets, and yet they are loaded. Affects both variants of the weapon.

Similar, but different, animation inaccuracies occurs, with the same procedure, when switching to a clip with 4 bullets, 2 bullets, and 1 bullet as well. When switching to an empty clip, the animation seems to be correct, but then there's the problem with the delay, as mentioned above.

If you press the reload button only after the animation, for switching from K-bullets to ordinary bullets, has finished, the reload animation plays correctly.


2017-09-10 15:31

Registered User

Same issue on Xbox one with the marksman variant


2017-09-16 06:47

Registered User

Also on PS4, both variants.

CTE and version 1.13 ITNOTT retail