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0004333Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2017-08-17 09:05
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Product VersionUpdate 20072017 - Prise de Tahure Update 
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Summary0004333: Warbonds Issue...Pls help!

I originally started my BF1 gaming experience on PS4 (where I had purchased the season pass). A few months ago though I migrated over to PC. At first, I bought just the base game and played vanilla maps, however, I did play DLC maps when Premium w/ Friends (PwF) was available. As you know, player progression was "frozen" when playing DLC maps through PwF. Because of the banked XP, when I finally did buy the premium edition for PC, I leveled up approx. 10 or so ranks. I don't remember exactly what rank I was promoted to but I know it was in the 60's.

At the time, I was equipping the "Ranks" dog-tags. I went into the dog-tag selection screen after ranking up and found that, although I was in the 60's, I didn't have access to the Rank 60 dog-tag. It struck me as odd but, soon after, I leveled to 70 and didn't look back. A couple weeks ago I decided to go ahead and buy everything in game since I wasn't earning anymore warbonds. When I got to the last Scout gadget (Flare Gun - Flash) I only had 20 warbonds left and didn't have enough to buy it. Now I've come to realize that I don't have enough to buy the flash flare gun, the Selbstlader 1906, or any of the vehicle variants.

Can you please help! I recently hit level 10 medic and unlocked the Kaiserin skin for the 1906. Dying to try it out! Thank you for your time!

***I've included screenshots from the customize soldier screen. If needed, I can get vehicle customization screenshots as well.

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2017-08-16 23:37

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