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0004255Battlefield 1 CTEMap/EnvironmentNo2018-02-06 18:06
Status Pending ReviewResolutionOpen 
Summary0004255: Un-climbable paths to D

Leaving F ,going due west from the look out tower, across the tracks, at the fallen tree go south west. You will see a fallen tree that makes a bridge across some rocks and what appears to be a path leading up. However you are unable to walk up to a point where you pull yourself up. Going north along this rock face you are up to pull yourself up but the last bit is also un-climbable. Only until you are just north of the wrecked bomber are you able to find a path up to D. I feel that at the very least the first section described should be a path leading to D. Current design gives the Austro Hungarians a slight advantage as their side has more subtle sloping.

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