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0004129Battlefield 1 CTEArt/AnimationNo2017-08-16 10:02
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Summary0004129: Nagant revolver disappears in 1p during non-empty reload

As title says. If you fire a Nagant revolver and reload between 1 and 6 bullets, the whole animation will be invisible - you will not see the gun in first person. If shadow is any indication, in 3p view it looks as if you were aiming the Nagant.

Animation briefly becomes visible in 1p if you smack the doors open while sprinting.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Spawn as Scout with Nagant revolver
2) Fire 1 to 6 bullets
3) Start reloading - animation will be invisible in first person.

Actual Result
Expected Result


has duplicate 0004287 Closed Reloads of guns needed reworked 
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has duplicate 0004325 Closed Nagant revolver missing reload animation 



2017-08-08 14:31


Appears fixed in second Lupkow Pass release.


2017-08-09 18:24


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Issue has returned on Brusilov in Specializations update.


2017-08-16 10:02


Should be fixed in the current CTE build from 12th August.