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0004110Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2018-01-10 15:18
SeverityMinorReproducibilityHave Not Tried 
Status ClosedResolutionDuplicate 
Product VersionUpdate 20072017 - Prise de Tahure Update 
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Summary0004110: 0003996: Operations new map countdown UI displayed after map change

New map countdown shown at end Operations End of Round screen is displayed instead of the menu when when pressing ESC after the server changes to new operations map.

Video showing end of round screen after game has loaded into next map and after 60-70 tickets ESC was pressed GUI then shows countdown instead of menu.

NOTE: This does not result in permanent UI lockup like 0003996, after the countdown you can return to normal menu.

WORKAROUND: After the countdown is displayed, you have to wait until it ends then normal menu is displayed.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join on a friend or find a game that is in end of round server countdown period.
  2. Wait in server loads next map and game has started.
  3. Press ESC to display menu.
  4. UI will display the server countdown from previous game with only option to quit, after countdown menu returns to normal.
Actual Result
Expected Result


duplicate of 0004597 QA Investigating ESC bug during Operations 
related to 0003997 FixedEA_RedSpoder Operations New Scoreboard missing if join on friend/platoon game 



2017-07-24 02:09


Experienced the issue myself today. Message itself seemed to be server-specific, as I've only experienced it on one server that I was connected to via "Join any Operation" (it was Beyond the Marne).


2017-08-11 09:20

Registered User

This bug is happening to my platoon members and I at least 2-3 times a day and is 100% repeatable if you connect to a server that is ending or switching maps.

I have new videos showing the whole process from when it happened to me yesterday.

  1. Join a server when the map is finishing. The video below shows connection as the game has just completed. Note the UI is messed up. I quit (00:36) and reconnect and get attached to the server again just before match switch (01:00). Map switches whilst loading (01:32) and monte starts.

  1. When you connect to monte game appears normal and you can select squad, side normally and start the game.
  2. When you press escape to manage squad or change an option I get the countdown and locked until it completes as shown in this video.

  1. This always happens at the most inconvenient time as shown in the last video on a different server/ map when capturing the point in a tank and trying to kick a squatter from a squad. Game just locks up for nearly 40 seconds with scoreboard and counter until it releases at 00:37 and the flag is captured. On this occasion I was lucky but it usually ends in death.

Can I suggest that you stop letting players join servers when the map is changing as it causes nothing but UI issues, disconnects from wrong map and the cpu/network load on the servers must be insane.
All the network updates to send destruction for map that just finished to a batch of players that don’t even get to play that map, do EA get cpu/net for free?
My pc is real quick and it takes 30 secs to a min to load a map, destroyed maps take a lot longer to load, some players take 2-3 mins to load maps and it’s real annoying for them to have 2 map loads, then when the next round does start the bugged UI lockup causes players to quit AND LOAD AGAIN.
Send a message saying the map is ending and a new operation will load shortly, then they have choice to hang in for a new map or quit if its not the map they wanted (another annoyance of getting connected end of round).
It might also be a good idea that when you do get connected make sure that the menu is reset to its correct settings not left in the connecting to server or other incorrect mode as its really getting boring all these stupid UI bugs on operations modes.


2018-01-10 15:18


Going to close as a dupe of 0004597 since it's more than likely the same issue causing both