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0004070Battlefield 1 CTEProgression/UnlocksNo2017-07-19 13:54
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Summary0004070: Kills on vehicles and kills with secondary plane weapons are not assigned properly

Since Lupkow Pass update, whenever a plane pilot kills an enemy with secondary weapon (like bombs or Le Prieur rockets), kills are treated as if they were obtained from unknown weapon - both the killfeed and 'killed by' box in killcam show empty field. The same story happens if vehicles are killed by gadgets or other vehicles (alas, due to low variety of vehicle types on Lupkow, Only kills on planes and behemoths were confirmed so far).
Killing horses does not trigger the bug, and neither does destroying planes with small arms fire.

Steps To Reproduce

For secondary weapons of the plane:

1) Get into a plane (Ground Support attack plane and Bomber Killer fighter were tested)
2) Kill infantry with secondary weapon (like bombs or Le Prieur rockets). Bug will be triggered

For killing a vehicle with crew:
1) Destroy enemy vehicle with the crew with a gadget or other vehicle (like plane vs plane). That will trigger the bug.

Actual Result
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2017-07-19 13:54


Issue also applies to roadkills with horse.