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IDProjectCategoryExploit/GlitchLast Update
0004069Battlefield 1 CTEUINo2017-07-16 06:36
Status ReviewedResolutionOpen 
Summary0004069: Friendly and Enemy icon opacity do not differenciate
DescriptionWhen you go to the Gmeplay ettings, in the icon opacity settings, the enemy and friendly percentages do not work at ALL.

If you select 0% in friendly, but 100% on enemy, the will both be at 100%

If you select 0% on enemy, but 100% on friendly, they will both be at 100%

Steps To ReproduceChange settings on friendly and enemy icon Opacity settings, they do not change properly.

Set friendly icon opacity to 0%, and enemy to 100% This will make BOTH settings go to 100% (same happens if you switch the setting sliders)


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