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0004057Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2017-07-12 18:17
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Product VersionEnd of Round Screen Update 07052017 
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Summary0004057: Changing the magnification options on the Lewis Gun Low Weight with AA Sights has no effect on actual ingame magnification.

The sight magnification options for the Lewis Gun Low Weight have no effect on the magnification experienced ingame if the AA Sights are equipped. The magnification is always 1.25x no matter what it is set to in the menu. Its most easily seen with 1.00x magnification as there should be no zoom when aiming down sights.

Video comparing 2.00x magnification between Iron Sights and AA Sights:

The issue isn't present if the normal Iron Sights are equipped, only the AA Sights.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. In the class selection screen, select the Lewis Gun Low Weight for Support.
  2. Select the AA Sights and select a magnification option other than 1.25x (e.g. 1.00x)
  3. Spawn into a match and notice how the magnification is still 1.25x.
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Armand Neculai

2017-07-12 18:17


Issue was already raised by a community member. Thank you for posting and investigating and keep em coming .