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0004029Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2017-12-05 13:37
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status ClosedResolutionDuplicate 
Product VersionUpdate 20062017 - Nivelle Nights Update 
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Summary0004029: MLE 1903 Unlocked but now only available for Tanker Class

Unable to equip the MLE 1903 Extended for the Pilot class -- says the Assignment must be completed. I unlocked in March and used last prior to the June update. Now the MLE 1903 is not selectable for the pilot BUT it is selectable for the Tanker Class (unlocked). I have 96 kills with the weapon as a pilot and tanker.

Steps To Reproduce

Select a plane to spawn in and customize loadout -- MLE 1903 Extended not selectable and shows 0% of assignment complete. Select a tank and customize loadout -- MLE 1903 Extended is available and able to be equipped and used in game. Previous to June update was also able to equip and use for pilot class.

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duplicate of 0003585 FixedEA_RedSpoder MLE 1903 extended unlocked but cannot be selected in load out 
related to 0003501 Closed MLE 1903 Extended (Tanker/Pilot Weapon) Re-Locks Every Game Until 1 Landship Kill Achieved 
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Armand Neculai

2017-07-06 18:13


Try to equip it form quick loadout menu in deploy screen


2017-12-05 13:37


Dupe of 0003585