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0004027Battlefield 1Controls/InputNo2018-05-05 22:52
Status ClosedResolutionDuplicate 
Product VersionUpdate 20062017 - Nivelle Nights Update 
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Summary0004027: Self repair tank is not working

Self repair tank ( X Botton) is not working anymore. Yesterday i was playing in the Howitzer tank and suddenly my self repair was not working anymore, Today i have reset my key bindings, repair the game and install the game again. not 1 of this solutions solve the problem. I have test in CTE and there i not have this problem and the self repair works good.

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duplicate of 0003961 Pending Review No Repair Tool when spawning in any vehicle 



2017-07-05 18:25

Registered User

Same problem here


2017-07-05 18:47

Registered User

Today i notice this problem. The self repair with plains eork good only with the tanks not!!! Pls fix this

Armand Neculai

2017-07-05 21:03


Can you provide a video of this issue ? i was unable to reproduce it


2017-07-06 07:17

Registered User

this is the video,


2017-07-06 07:47

Registered User

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that looks similar to this issue

if you get out of the tank do you have a repair tool?


2017-07-06 09:04

Registered User

i have test it now and i have no repair tool when i am out of the tank. So maybe that is the problem because you have no repair tool so you cant repair the tank when you inside it.


2017-07-06 14:42

Registered User

If server is in preround its totally messed up and bugged nothing works like it should.
See here:


2017-07-09 14:02

Registered User

What is the status of this problem/bug? 90% of the time i use a tank and with this bug iam unable to play the game.


2017-07-12 15:27

Registered User

What is the status of this bug/problem???


2017-07-13 15:01

Registered User

when this bug is fix?? i cant repair any tank !!!!!

Armand Neculai

2017-07-13 16:40


In the attached video i have only seen that occurs while pre-round is active . Did you encounter this during actual gameplay?


2017-07-13 16:54

Registered User

I make the video in an empty server becsuse i can spawn in a tank direct. When iam in a full server i got the same problem, no self repair in the tank en when i go outside the tank i not have an repair tool but 2 grenades


2017-07-13 17:33

Registered User

this is a new video during actual gameplay , only the quick repair work not the self repair

Armand Neculai

2017-07-14 19:41


You have the same gadget twice, your repair tool is missing . This is what causes the repair not to work . The two gadget issues is known . Additional issues related to this will be fixed once the two gadget issue will be resolved


2017-07-14 20:53

Registered User

Ok thanks. I hope this will be solved soon becsuse 90% of the time i use the tank. Now its suicide to use the tank.


2017-07-25 14:57

Registered User

When is this bug fix?


2017-07-30 07:49

Registered User

When is this bug fix? Iam not the only one who has this problem.


2017-08-05 20:12

Registered User

what is the status of this bug??


2017-08-16 18:12

Registered User

What is the status of this bug?? Any change this bug get fix?


2017-08-21 19:23

Registered User

With the august update this bug is still not fix. Is there any chance this bug get fix this year??


2017-08-22 09:46

Registered User

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i wouldn't hold your breath, it doesn't effect enough people for EA to care. Seems to just be a few of us.


2017-08-27 15:53

Registered User

pls look at this video.
This player has the same problem as me and now hi have is wrench back,
see also


2017-09-12 17:54

Registered User

It seems you guys cant fix this problem. Here is the solution. Go to an empty server. Spawn in a tank and step out of the tank. Then quit the game and go to an empty server which have calvery. Then select calvery and now you can change the loadout into 1 wrench and 1 AT grenade. Good luck boys.


2018-05-05 22:52


Closing to keep 0003961 as primary report on repair tool problems.