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0003939Battlefield 1WeaponsNo2018-01-30 11:05
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUI Update 05182017 
Fixed in VersionUpdate 05092017 - In the Name of the Tsar Update 
Summary0003939: Flamer can be vulnerable to fire

When entering any vehicle (horse, transport, tank and plane) the flamer class loses its fire protection.

Thanks to ADSEQUOR in the battlelog forums for finding this bug.

Steps To Reproduce

Grab the flamer class kit
Jump in any vehicle and exit it again
Fire protection gets removed and you can burn yourself with the wex flamethrower, inc grenade, environmental fires.

Actual Result
Expected Result


has duplicate 0003942 Closed Flametrooper loses armor and incendiary immunity 
has duplicate 0003986 Closed Flamethrower bug 



2017-07-07 16:43


Issue also happens in stationary weapons, as technically they also are vehicles (ss


2017-08-22 06:49

Registered User

tested this out in the lupkow pass update and it has been fixed