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0003912Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2018-01-17 15:38
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Summary0003912: Tank spawn issues (when booking a tank)

We had an organized clan match where we agreed to start after 4.00 minutes. However when we pre-book the tank & planes, the tank & plane were gone when we spawn at 4 minutes. For the whole match, we only had 1 tank & 2 planes available. (In St. Quentin Scar map, each teams suppose to have 2 tanks & 3 planes. ) This really affect the outcome of the match where enemy have 2 tanks + 3 planes while we only have 1 tank + 2 plane. I thought this spawn bug had already been fixed long time ago.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Book a tank or planes (St. Quentin Scar)
  2. Wait until 4.00 minutes & spawn. German (base F) only have 1 tanks + 2 planes for the whole match eventho the UI show 2 tanks are available when trying to respawn tank at F.
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2018-01-10 17:30


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Unable to reproduce this issue in this build. Please send information if the bug continues to occur.