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0003898Battlefield 1VehiclesNo2018-01-17 15:02
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Product VersionUI Update 05182017 
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Summary0003898: BF1 AA may update repair bug st. quentin

BF1 AA may update repair bug st. quentin...

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2017-06-03 00:08

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Longer video:

edit: I've had the same bug on giant's shadow before.


2017-06-05 00:46

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I had this happen to me on PC as well on Sinai Desert on a field gun. Tried looking away and doing it again but the repair wouldn't progress.


2017-06-05 20:24

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Had the same issue on CQ Sinai, playing Ottoman's side.
I was able to repair both field guns on F.
I was able to repair 1 field gun on E (the one closer to the rails), didn't test the second one though.
I was able to repair 1 field gun on D, but unable to repair the AA + the remaining 2 field guns.
Feels like a gambling right now.


2017-06-06 11:05

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I have also experienced this. C flag on Sinai. After me not being able to repair the AA at C, two other supports came over to assist. With three of us repairing, still no progress. This seems to be map / asset related then, and not player related.


2017-06-11 02:16

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Confirmed on PS4.
64ppl CQ Empire map.
today my squad and i tried repairing the AAA's on flags D-right, D, D-left, E, and both on F flag, with zero success.

will continue to test & monitor. will update as needed.


2017-07-05 19:43

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Its on every map,you cant repair the aa or field gun for the whole round sometimes,its totally random and can happen to any aa turret or field gun.


2017-08-21 13:59

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This bug really needs attention.
It seems there is at least some relationship between which team disabled the gun, which team owned the point when the gun was disabled and which team is able to repair it.