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0003821Battlefield 1VehiclesNo2018-01-17 15:02
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUI Update 05182017 
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Summary0003821: Bombers become invulnerable to AA blast when they are directly upon you.

I am not a bad shot with the AA gun but one thing boggles me is the way BOMBER become invincible only when it's directly above you and at a certain (close)range.

  1. AA blast(effect animation) happens directly beneath the plane as intended but absolutely no damage is registered to the bomber.
  2. most notable when a bomber is at close/medium range(so close that you will want to shoot directly at it instead of its path)
  3. always happens, not limited to a certain instance
  4. only tested with the AA truck.
Steps To Reproduce

Try to shoot at a bomber when it's directly above you at close/medium range.

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