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0003817Battlefield 1RSPNo2018-01-18 17:43
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Summary0003817: Server repeating maps

The server was running for 11 hours with a full server running conquest large. and it the last 3 hours the server is now just repeating the first 2 maps ! we have 9 in rotation without map vote turned on.

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duplicate of 0003718 FixedEA_RedSpoder If you go to platoon (as platoon creater) and change something there, platoon server will start from 1st map 


Armand Neculai

2017-05-17 20:43


Hey . Do you know if it was a community server created by Dice or it was a custom server created by a user ?


2017-05-18 18:38

Registered User

It's the server that I rent , we have got a 6 month rent so hopefully we can monitor the problem , especially at weekends.


2017-05-18 21:39

Registered User

Last edited: 2017-05-18 21:40

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I notice this problem when I do following things:
1) accept people to platoon or remove someone from platoon
2) I add someone to server admin or VIP
If I do those things, map rotation will start from the first map after the next map.

I haven't seeing this happening in official servers because they do not have admins/platoons.


2017-05-21 12:14

Registered User

I found a workaround is to remove that map from rotation, whilst the server is full. Next round it kicks it on.