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0003816Battlefield 1VehiclesNo2018-02-03 16:17
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Product VersionSpring Update 03292017 
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Summary0003816: Transport Car dissappearing while driving

Sometimes the transport car just dissappears while driving the car.Iam not sure if its only happening on Sinai Desert because most videos i have found are on sinai desert.

It happend on beta too;

Steps To Reproduce

I captured the "A" Flag as Ottoman and took the armored car which was undamaged at the spawn,i drove to "G" captured it and then i drove to "D" and over there the Car dissappeared.
My idea is that after the British captured back the Objective "A" where i took the car from,the armored car dissappears and they get a new fresh car at "A".Have not tested on other maps or flags.

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2017-05-19 23:27

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Here i catched it today happening again after i took the Car from "D": I didnt press "E" it just throws you out and disappears.


2017-05-20 04:40

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it happens to me a lot


2017-05-20 04:46

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" it happens to me a lot "
On other maps too?Or only on Sinai?


2017-05-22 02:47

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only on Sinai it always happen when am in the middle of the desert tho


2017-09-11 10:32

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Same happens to motorcycles:


2018-01-10 17:31


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Unable to reproduce this issue in this build. Please send information if the bug continues to occur.


2018-01-10 22:17

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"Addressed an issue where a transport vehicle would occasionally disappear while still in use"
Fixed in last patch.


2018-02-03 16:17

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Ok its not fixed.Happened today again on sinai desert with the transport car.