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0003812Battlefield 1Controls/InputNo2017-08-22 10:49
SeverityMajorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUI Update 05112017 
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Summary0003812: QUICKMATCH selection not working on latest patch for THEY SHALL NOT PASS OPERATIONS

The Quick Match Selection for Operations THEY SHALL NOT PASS does not work.
It puts you in an empty server for the standard/vanilla game.
Not happy at all, having also stumped up for Premium.

Steps To Reproduce


  1. Load game.
    2.Select Quickmatch from menue.
  2. Go down to the THEY SHALL NOT operation and select.
    4 Standard/Vanilla game starts.
Actual Result
Expected Result


related to 0003796 Closed Operations Only Shows 40 Player Servers Using QuickMatch Now (Never Shows 64 Player Games Anymore) 



2017-05-18 01:18

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Yeah, it actually seems to select 40 player vanilla servers instead of 64 player TSNP servers.

I'm playing on PC by the way


2017-05-18 05:20

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This also has to do with this thread:

The May 11 update was supposed to ONLY put you into 64 player games when using quickmatch, which it already did, so I'm not sure why they said that in the first place.
Now it only puts you into 40 player games which sucks because all the action is in the 64 player games, and the small servers are always dead.

"Quickmatch to 40/64p Operation
Previously the quickmatch was to 40 player servers only. Quickmatch now shows 64p servers."

^^ Flat out lie since it is only putting us into 40 player servers instead of 64 ^^

Maybe smaller player servers are cheaper for EA and that is why they did it? Still though, money is going to divide it.

Still not sure why they can't just give us server browser for Operations and remedy this whole situation.

It was fine before this change was not needed and just broke something that did not need to be fixed in the first place.

Can confirm also on PC.