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0003796Battlefield 1ConnectivityNo2017-12-05 11:26
SeverityMajorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status ClosedResolutionUnable to Reproduce 
Product VersionUI Update 05112017 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0003796: Operations Only Shows 40 Player Servers Using QuickMatch Now (Never Shows 64 Player Games Anymore)

After the UI update of May 11, 2017, when using quickmatch to look for Operations it almost always only puts you into 40 player games. Which sucks because they are boring and not fun. Before this update, you would always be put into 64 player games, even though your patch notes lied.

"Quickmatch to 40/64p Operation
Previously the quickmatch was to 40 player servers only. Quickmatch now shows 64p servers."

^^^The above is not true, previously, Quickmatch ALWAYS put you into a 64p game. NEVER once was I put into a 40p operations game.

Now it says that it should be showing 64p servers and that is not working at all. It almost always puts me into a 40p game instead of the 64p games which are more fun.

I play on PC, operations is already EXTREMELY hard to find games for, and now this? I don't understand, since day 1 we have asked for an actual server browser for Operations, but still nothing. This ruins the mode for me as I am unable to find 64p games using quickmatch.

Sure I could use the actual Operations tab, but that always puts me into empty games, Quickmatch at least tries to put you into a full game.

Either roll back the change or do what that note says. Should be putting me into 64p games, NOT 40p games like the patch note said.

Steps To Reproduce

Join an Operations game using Quickmatch.

9 times out of 10 you will now be placed into a boring 40 player game instead of a 64 player game like you ALWAYS used to and how it should be according to patch notes.

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