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0003795Battlefield 1Map/EnvironmentNo2018-01-30 15:52
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Summary0003795: Cannot spot planes in the fog

Recently I noticed that spotting enemies in the fog became too difficult. Sometimes I can see the vehicle or player quite clearly through the fog but I cannot spot him despite pressing the spot key. It doesn't happen when the fog is out.

Please check the attached video where I'm trying to spot the planes without success. I marked the periods of spotting attempts with red label:

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2017-05-14 01:41

Registered User

Yes you cant spot planes even if they directly flying in front of you.With the really white fog on st quentin scar,iam able to spot everything through the fog even infantry on the ground,but in this grey fog its impossible to spot.


2017-05-14 21:57

Registered User

Yea but is it by design? I understand that I can't spot something hidden in the fog completely but it happens quite often that I can't mark enemies which I can see very clearly.

Maybe the maximum distance that allowes to spot in the fog should be increased?