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0003793Battlefield 1PerformanceNo2018-01-17 11:44
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionSpring Update 03292017 
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Summary0003793: Entering Server Admin tools creates a hang

Recently, entering server admin tools will cause a hang for 20-30 seconds during which the UI is inaccessible. Eventually the screen returns to the main menu. Re-entering the server admin tools usually works then.

This is an issue as it prevents the immediate kick/ban of problematic players.


Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter server with admin rights
  2. Click escape
  3. Select "server admin" <-- ERROR

The server admin screen hangs for 20-30 seconds, usually on the initial entry.


Actual Result
Expected Result



2017-05-13 09:58

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This entering server admin tools hang started to happen after UI update. It's really annoying, sometimes Im stuck in admin screen even 1 minute and if Im alive in game, it means I will die in the process....
This has to be fixed fast....
To me it's happens 80% of the times I enter server admin.


2017-05-13 12:50

Registered User

Happened to me too yesterday all the time.


2017-05-15 12:10


Is the issue also occurring on empty servers?

We have not been able reproduce the issue so far.


2017-05-17 00:38

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No it doesnt happen on empty server only if there is a few players on the server,it starts freezing for 1-2min and sometimes i have to hardquit the game the worst is if my server is full.I didnt know that there was an update which is causing this,everything worked fine before.
Iam gonna record this issue tomorrow because its always happening now.Sometimes i only have to press "ESC" and the screen freezes.


2017-05-17 11:31

Registered User

yes happens to me everytime now since the gui update


2017-05-18 20:45

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Issue does not happen in empty servers. And it's that latest UI update that is causing this.
Also this problem is causing some admin's game to crash. But mostly it's this 50 seconds delay.
Because of the delay, admins do not want to go to admin panel too often.
This should be easily reproducable when server nearly full or full.


2017-05-18 23:51

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1.It takes 60 seconds until the panel is responding
2.If you open the admin panel before the end of the round screen, you cant get out anymore and the game freezes and you need to task end the game.
3.After going into the admin the second time its working good until the next round starts.



2017-05-21 12:15

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This was happening only AFTER the latest GUI updates.


2017-06-01 18:15

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Today there was an UI Update and its fixed now finally!

Added ability to have clickable links in in-game articles for more information.
Added Update Notes to News in-game.
Fixed issue where using the &quot;Name&quot; field of the Server Browser page wouldn't work.
Reduced time of kick/ban list populating to increase functionality for server admins.
Fixed issue where mortar kills were not being tracked.
Improved UI performance and speed for in-game menus for all platforms.
Fixed black screen issue.
Fixed Avatar cloning issue.
Fixed issue where Battlepack Collector Dog Tags were not being granted. This will now work retroactively.