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0003773Battlefield 1VehiclesNo2018-01-30 10:54
Status ClosedResolutionNot A Bug 
Product VersionSpring Update 03292017 
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Summary0003773: Spawning a tank is sometimes not possible because the spawn area is blocked.

So the problem is, that you sometimes can't spawn a tank because a vehicle or a soldier is standing on the spawn point of the tank.
This can happen on any map, but happens very often on St. Quentin Scar. When you are playing CQ as a brit and want to spawn a tank on the F flag then is there a high possibility that this happens.

Maybe add the possibility to spawn in the base instead of on the first base or maybe add 1 or 2 spawn points.

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2017-05-08 13:46

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Since i can't upload a webm or mp4 is here the link to a webm showing it.

Armand Neculai

2017-07-25 17:00


Is this still a thing ?


2017-08-17 01:53

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