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0003742Battlefield 1UINo2017-09-25 10:51
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Summary0003742: Character hands are shaking
DescriptionAfter I stood up from proning my character's hands began to shake in a strange way. There was no way to cancel it. I was trying to crouch/prone/change weapon/shoot but it got only fixed when I eventually died.

The whole screen was shaking along with the hands so it was quite difficult to aim in this state. This happened to me only once.

You can check this problem on the video:


has duplicate 0004246 Closed After revive my weapons started to jitter in hipfire. 
related to 0004006 Closed Wierd viewmodel shaking bug 



2017-09-12 09:59


I get similar animation glitch at random frequency. It's related transitioning between two animations, such as going from prone to up, getting revived, or even reviving someone.
I don't know how to reproduce, except to play the game. Maybe it's more frequent on medic class than others. Sometimes I get the glitch few times a round, then I might for several rounds without having it.


2017-09-21 08:27


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EDIT: Quick "fix" for anyone that's experiencing it, either enter a vehicle or a stationary, it goes away after you leave it. If you don't have anything like that around you, you are proper screwed.

It's happening to me as well. It's happening to many people (many complains on reddit). All I can say is that it's more common than before, and it seems to happen when you're clicking at the exact time you die. It seemingly gets fixed when you enter a vehicle, I can't remember now if it did fix it, because every time it happened to me I just didn't have the luxury to have a vehicle to enter anywhere near me or at all.

It's the same thing from the video. Doesn't matter whenever you're a scout and using sniper rifle, or if you're a support and using a wrench (which is where it also happened to me).

And it's only "minor" because it doesn't happen more often. If this happens to you, it's rather difficult to keep playing and hit anything reliably, as you can imagine.


2017-09-22 00:57


Can confirm as well. I would classify it as major as it happens often and the only way to make it stop is to get killed or redeploy.


2017-09-23 22:54


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This bug appears if you get supressed or sometimes it appears after i walked over some obstacles or destroyed objects etc...