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0003701Battlefield 1Collisionpublic2017-05-18 21:34
Status ConfirmedResolutionOpen 
Product VersionSpring Update 03292017 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0003701: Impossibility to hit targets with any weapons except melee
DescriptionCan't hit enemys with any weapons except for melee or grenades. Bullets animation registering but no damage or hit markers. Only possibility to remove the problem seems to be leaving the server and then reconnect to it. Also it isn't only on one server it happens on different servers randomly. Sometimes immediatly after connecting to a server sometimes after 3-4 matches. Very annoying. Hoping this problem get fixed soon.
Steps To ReproduceFor me it happens randomly. Sometimes immediatly after connecting to a server, sometimes after playing a few rounds.




2017-05-01 19:36


same here (xbox one), happened to me randomly twice today....


2017-05-02 11:56


I to have been having this problem, as well as many of my friends. I have to exit the match and re-join for it to go away. I would upload a video as proof but 5,000 KB is way to small for it.